• Would it be appropriate to contact a BHP requesting titrated sedation for a compliant and non-combative patient experiencing agitation with inability to remain still preventing proper assessment due to stimulant use? I find these patients are occasionally even difficult to transport due to writhing on the stretcher let alone perform an appropriate assessment.

    Published On: August 5, 2021
  • Question: In the case of a post-ictal combative patient, is time considered a “reversible” cause? I’m hesitant to jump to sedation for somebody who could resolve on their own in a few minutes. However, today we had a case where we held off, but the patient was not improving and beginning to pose a danger to himself so we went ahead with the standing order. Should we have initiated it immediately? Or if safe for the patient wait to see if they do resolve on their own, and what would be an acceptable time frame?

    Published On: April 8, 2014