Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education

Your Continuing Medical Education (CME) is one of the major components in maintaining your certification as a Paramedic within the SWORBHP region. This page covers everything you will need to know about CME (both Mandatory and Elective) and how you can go about completing it.

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Mandatory CME

Mandatory CME

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Elective CME


Elective CMEs allow Paramedics of all certification levels to tailor their education needs.

ACPs can review the CME Approval Chart found in the Pre-Approved CME Topics section below to find pre-approved CME topics to help them complete their annual MCME requirements.

Don’t see a topic that interests you? Have another Education opportunity? No problem, submit your CME event for review by visiting the Submit ECME Points Section found below.

Approval Process

It is highly recommended that you obtain approval for your chosen ECME topic before attending. If you choose to attend without prior approval your ECME topic may be declined resulting in no ECME credits. To obtain pre-approval, please submit your request by visiting the PPO – Online Training section.

CME credits are allocated based on how the CME activity enhances the clinical practice of paramedicine at the certification level of the paramedic. The activity will be evaluated for educational merit. The number of credits may or may not equal the hours actually spent completing the specified CME activity depending on the content.

After you have completed, you are required to submit your CME request to the PPO along with proof of attendance.

Related Links

Related Links

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Pre-Approved CME Topics

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Additional Resources

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Ask MAC is an excellent resource that provides paramedics an opportunity to search our catalog of question and answers related to the medical directives, challenging or unique calls, or other relevant topics for discussion.

You also have the ability to “Ask Medical Council” a question if you are unable to find a question on a specific topic. 

All answers provided have been reviewed by, and reflect the opinions of the Medical Directors within the Southwest Ontario Regional Base Hospital Program (SWORBHP).

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