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Information for college students:

This page consists of information aimed towards paramedic students and colleges. The content found on this page can be found on other areas of the site, but this page aims to provide easy access to the information that paramedic students will specifically require.

Academic Certification

Academic Certification allows Ontario Paramedic Students currently enrolled, and in good standing, with their college the opportunity to practice advanced medical procedures and controlled acts in a supervised setting. This allows students to gain real-life experiences in the pre-hospital setting.

The objective of Academic Certification is to facilitate the college with educating/training Paramedic Students by exposing them to Provincial Medical Directives while becoming familiar with performing advanced medical procedures and controlled acts during their final consolidation.

It is important to note that some colleges are affiliated with SWORBHP. For those Colleges that are not affiliated with SWOPBHP, there will be a cost associated with obtaining academic certification. To find out if a college is an affiliate or not, please contact the college directly.

Steps for Non Affiliate Colleges

Steps for Affiliate Colleges

Student Resources

Student Resources

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Academic Certification Policy

View the Academic Certification Policy in its entirety.

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Medical Directives

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