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SWORBHP’s mandate for quality assurance includes the auditing and evaluation of paramedic practice to ensure patient care is delivered in accordance with the most recent Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards (ALS PCS). 

Our audit review process is driven by our clinical auditing systems which receives ambulance care reports (ACR) and electronically filters them through computerized algorithms developed and approved by provincial working groups. The filters compare paramedic procedures with the most recent directives and/or standards in order to identify variances in paramedic practice.  

Our goal is the provision of exceptional prehospital care and ensure both patient and paramedic safety in delivering that care and provide a mechanism to identify areas where improvement may be required to the system, by the individual or by the delegating body. SWORBHP has adopted the Just Culture framework with the goal of fostering an environment focused on learning from errors to support quality improvement.

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Triggers for ACR Audit: 

  • ACRs filtered by our clinical auditing systems 
  • Self-report submitted by a Paramedic 
  • Service inquiry submitted by a Service Operator 
  • External requests (e.g. Ministry of Health, Receiving Hospitals, Allied Agencies) 

Request for Feedback: 

During the audit review process, our audit team may require clarification on a call that only the paramedics who provided patient care can answer. SWORBHP will follow up with the paramedic(s) by sending them a request for feedback.

The response period for feedbacks is as follows:

  • Initial Request for Feedback – 14 days to respond
  • Reminder

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