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April 17, 2013

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: Could you clarify the Bronchoconstriction directive (epi for asthma exacerbation)? You have to be bagging the patient to give the epi. Our old directives said "any patient with severe SOB from suspected asthma exacerbation AND requires ventilatory support via BVM and OR severe agitation, confusion and cyanosis" but our new directive just says BVM required with history of asthma. I just want to be really clear, now we MUST be bagging them?


 Great question. You are correct that there is now a subtle difference in the directives (the old directive specified "and/or" in reference to severe agitation confusion and cyanosis). Your answer is correct, BVM is a required condition for epinephrine administration under the current Bronchoconstriction Medical Directive.



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