Date Published

April 8, 2020

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: Who can receive IM epi under the new COVID-19 considerations?


This question has been asked a few times here on Ask MAC.  Here is the answer again, as it still seems to be causing confusion:

In the setting of the bronchoconstriction medical directive, only patients with severe respiratory distress with cough AND in the setting of asthma can receive IM epinephrine (up to 2 doses).  Therefore, this does NOT apply to patients with COPD, CHF or any other form of respiratory distress unless in the setting of suspected asthma (cough and history of asthma).

Note that outside of the new COVID-19 considerations, IM epinephrine can be given as per the Moderate to Severe Allergic Reaction Medical Directive, without any changes related to COVID-19.



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