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August 5, 2021

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I was just curious to see if there has ever been talk about the idea of reducing fractures in the field, rather then just femur fx's? Obviously following all of the same protocols as the sager. Not that I have done much research, but could the possibility that some sort of equipment be readily available? We have done so many of those calls that could have gone much smoother and at more of a comfort for the patient in the long run.


In order to properly diagnose and manage a fracture, imaging is required to elucidate the injury and what structures are involved.  Only with this information (along with the patient condition) can a treatment technique be decided upon.  Blind reduction may worsen injury to the patient and cause harm, albeit well-intentioned.  Therefore, the optimal prehospital treatment is non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic symptom management en-route to hospital.

As an aside, the OBHG MAC has endorsed a pilot study examining prehospital reduction of patellar dislocations, which is currently enrolling patients



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