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May 13, 2014

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: I am just curious as to why SWORBHP or MAC has opted to pull the android/iPhone medical directives app? This was a great tool if a quick refresh was needed while en route to a call. I realize we should all know our protocols inside out, but sometimes a quick reference for reassurance is needed. I was under the impression when the app was pulled it was perhaps for a further refinement/usability and we would be seeing it again soon. It makes no sense that a tool like this was given to us then pulled back. Also, it's a great tool for SWORBHP to update any protocol changes from year to year as you are no longer supplying us with books.


 Thanks for your question. SWORBHP was told by MOHLTC to cease distribution of the app due to their concerns surrounding the distribution of MOHLTC material via electronic platforms that they did not create themselves. We are very happy that you liked the apps especially given how much time and effort we invested into their creation! Thank you!

We have been in regular contact with MOHLTC seeking approval for the re-release of these apps and have met with recurrent delays. As soon as MOHLTC provides us with direction on this issue, we will be very pleased to provide the apps to you ASAP.



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