Date Published

April 17, 2023

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


If I gave a drug to a patient who holds a valid Ministry DNR that resulted in either apnea or respiratory depression, can I bag that patient since I essentially caused the respiratory problem?


The main purpose of the DNR Confirmation form is to ensure that patients who are in cardiac arrest, or are pre-arrest due to an end-of-life disease/disease process are called are not provided treatments in these situations (ex CPR, artificial ventilation, defibrillation). In instances where a paramedic has provided a treatment (ex morphine for pain in a hip fracture) and the patient has an adverse event (apnea), then our medical council believes that the patient should be treated (ex - BVM until naloxone can be provided). There are so many what ifs to this question that a black and white answer cannot be provided. This is where shared decision making with the BHP, family member/POA should occur.




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