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March 30, 2022

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Hello, two questions. 1. If I am bagging for a patient in respiratory distress but they do not have a supraglottic airway in, how would I measure their end tidal? Will just attaching my end tidal to the bvm without that same seal provide an accurate reading? 2. If I am assisting ventilations via BVM for a COPD patient who is in respiratory failure should I be concerned about their SpO2 going up to 100? Our current BVM's don't have a way to adjust how oxygen they are getting. I don't want to make my COPD patients hypercapnic by delivering too much O2.


1. Please check with your service to see if the equipment carried allows for ETC02 readings with your BVM circuit. It is possible with the right equipment. Note that the filter should be placed between the mask and the sensor. In order from patient: Mask €“ Filter €“ Sensor €“ Bag.

2. If you are at the stage of assisting ventilations for a COPD patient per the Respiratory Failure Standard, and unable to titrate your oxygen, there is minimal harm of the potential of hypercapnia (suppressing the patients respiratory drive), since you are already ventilating for them.



BVM, capnography, COPD, ETC02

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