Date Published

September 17, 2021

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


You have a patient that is VSA from penetrating trauma. The bls states you transport to trauma hospital if less than 30 min. The als pcs states that if your patient VSA from trauma and a TOR does not apply (pt in PEA) you transport to closet ED. So which one is correct the BLS to trauma hospital or ALSPCS to closest ED.


In the setting of penetrating traumatic injury (per the FTTS inclusive of: head, neck, torso) causing cardiac arrest, you would transport the patient to the Lead Trauma Hospital (if <30min transport).  This patient will benefit from the specialized care that can be provided to patients with penetrating traumatic cardiac arrest that is not available at all hospitals. However, cardiac arrest from any other traumatic injury should be transported to the closest ED (Should they not meet Trauma TOR criteria).

Please note that the language within the ALS PCS supports the transport to the Lead Trauma Hospital in patients with PEA from penetrating trauma.  This is stated with in the mandatory patch point section: €¦or if the Trauma TOR does not apply, transport to the closest appropriate receiving facility following the 1st analysis/defibrillation. If the Lead Trauma Hospital is less than 30 minutes away, it is the appropriate receiving facility.  If the Lead Trauma Hospital is more than 30 minutes away, the closest ED is the appropriate receiving facility.



Cardiac Arrest, Transport, Trauma, trauma TOR

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