Date Published

April 6, 2021

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


When working as a first response while covid vaccines are being administered in LTC facilities, are all severe reactions to be considered under the anaphylaxis protocol and be given epi and benadryl as per our current protocol?


If the patient meets the Indications and Conditions (and none of the Contraindications) for the Moderate to Severe Allergic Reaction Medical Directive, then you should treat the patient per the Medical Directive.  For further reference on differentiating an anaphylactic reaction for a local reaction, please see the most up to date version of the OBHG Companion Document pages 14-15 (here).

It is important to note that these patients, once treated under this Medical Directive should then be transported to hospital.  Furthermore, these directives are to be utilized only as a 9-1-1 response paramedic, thus an ACR with a CACC issued run number is required.  If you are a first response vehicle, you will need to call a 2nd crew to transport them to hospital.



Anaphylaxis, COVID-19

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