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April 20, 2020

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: The latest Memo regarding oxygen delivery states "IN ALL CASES where adult patients require high concentration oxygen, use high-concentration/low flow masks with a hydrophobic submicron filter" and then later reads that high concentration oxygen be avoided unless SGA. The instructions for the FLO2MAX mask our service carries instructs you to set the oxygen flow-meter to 15lpm, or to level prescribed by a physician. What do you recommend we set the flow meter at if we use these masks?


We recommend utilizing the minimum flow rate for the high concentration/low flow masks and increasing as required.  The Provincial Equipment Standards state that High Concentration/Low Flow masks must be capable of providing a minimum oxygen concentration of 80% with an oxygen flow rate of 8 LPM or less. (ex. Flo2Max, HiOx). We suggest reviewing the manufacturers recommendations for required flow rate, starting at the lowest flow and increasing as required to get the desired response (Flo2Max can be run at lower flow rates, but provides lower concentration of FiO2 than when run at 15 LPM.  At 6 LPM you are getting an fiO2 of approximately 60%).  This will help reduce the aerosolization of COVID19



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