Date Published

November 28, 2017

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: Our current stroke directive reads that 3.5 hours is the timeline from time of onset to stroke center. The new BLS reads that the time from onset to stroke center is 4.5 hours. Which timeline are we expected to follow as of Dec 11th?


The BLS PCS version 3.0.1 (effective Dec. 11, 2017) changes the transport time window from onset of symptoms to arrival at the Stroke Centre by 4.5 hours. Paramedic Services and Stroke Centres may enter into local Bypass Agreements that extend this transport time window. A local Bypass Agreement might be in place between your Service and the closest Stroke Centre(s). You must check this out. If there is no local Bypass Agreement then you must follow the minimum transport time standard that is 4.5 hour.



Basic Life Support (BLS)

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