Date Published

June 20, 2016

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: Can a PCP insert a King LT in a non-VSA patient with a GCS of 3 under the direction of an ACP?


 Technically, the answer is no, a PCP can only perform skills they are certified to perform on the correct type of patient, in this case King LT can only be performed on VSA patients by a PCP.

If there was an ACP or physician present, then the PCP can assist them in performing the skill up to the level of the PCP certification. Obviously in life and death situations, under arduous conditions there is considerable team work. People begin to anticipate each others actions and care, and work together as collaborative unit, care must be taken as lines of scope of care can be blurred. When does assisting become independently performing?? It is important to stay within individual paramedic certifications. Base Hospital supports excellent professional collaboration in care and team work in these cases, and it is often that many saves are awarded to well performing teams, who utilize the individual certifications in the best collaborative manner for their patient.

The technical answer is no, the PCP does not increase scope of care with an ACP.



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