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November 22, 2012

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: In recerts we were informed that if we are extricating a patient who suffered blunt trauma and they go VSA in front of us. We are to run it as a medical arrest since it was witnessed? Is this true?

I just read a previous MAC post and it stated: ANSWER: Great question! Assuming this is a first arrest, the correct sequence would be to pull over, confirm the patient is VSA, begin CPR, and follow the Trauma Cardiac Arrest Medical Directive which includes one rhythm analysis.

Could you please clarify this?


 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. One of main purposes behind this component of our website is to clear up inconsistencies just like this.

The correct answer is that a patient who arrests following blunt trauma should be resuscitated as per the "Trauma Cardiac Arrest Medical Directive".

We will clarify this inconsistency with our education team.

Please note that since this arrest was witnessed by the paramedic crew, our teaching philosophy has been to prefer that these patients with witnessed traumatic arrests be transported and they would not qualify for a Trauma TOR. Please see the question related to this posted on March 1 2012 for further information.



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