Date Published

March 21, 2024

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.3


If I attend scene and the patient has already received care outside of the 911 system (i.e. fluid bolus with homecare or community paramedicine), and they are still hypotensive, can I provide further care via the ALS-PCS (i.e. fluid bolus for a hypotensive patient)? Would I only be able to give 20cc/kg IVF bolus including the fluid administered before my arrival?


Yes, you can go ahead and apply the ALS-PCS treatment in entirety for this patient. You can consider Community Paramedicine treatment given analogous to treatment received prior to EMS arrival from nursing home treatments or family doctor office treatments. If you choose to withhold ALS-PCS treatment due to care provided prior to your arrival, please document the treatment provided prior to your arrival and your rationale behind withholding ALS-PCS treatment.



911 System, Bolus, Community Paramedicine, CP, Homecare, Hypotensive, IV fluid, Pre-arrival care, Pre-arrival Treatment

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