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March 21, 2024

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


This is a very unlikely scenario, but I wondered if Toradol could replace Ibuprophen for the patient experiencing pain.

In the unlikely event that a patient is able to take Tylenol and once administered pt refuses Ibuprophen due to nausea (post tylenol administration) could Toradol be used?

It would be rare as the contraindications are the same for both nsaids aside from nausea and unable to tolerate oral med administration for Ibuprophen.

Could pt preference come into play, a patient in severe pain states "I have had toradol in the past and it works really well for me" assuming all other conditions are met could they receive toradol in addition to tylenol to compliment the nsaid?


Yes, when deciding upon which NSAID to administer, you can take clinical factors into account. Notably, the Condition of “Unable to tolerate oral medications” was removed for ketorolac, to allow for paramedics to use more clinical judgement in selecting the most appropriate medication based on clinical presentation.

However, the benefit of utilizing ketorolac over ibuprofen must be weighed with the more invasive administration route of IM or IV.



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