Date Published

February 21, 2024

Updated For

ALS PCS Version 5.2


Benefits of Salbutamol​

Trends in auditing have shown that salbutamol is not being administered when indicated (without documented rationale). Let’s explore the potential benefits of salbutamol for bronchoconstriction…


Mechanism of Action ​

Salbutamol is a Beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist. It works in two main ways:​

​1) Relaxes the bronchial smooth muscle​

2) Inhibits the release of hypersensitivity mediators (mast cells) to reduce secretions


Assessment of the Patient with Bronchoconstriction

  • Assess ABC’s​
    • Airway – Patency ​
    • Breathing – Quality, Rate, and Rhythm​
    • Circulation – Signs of perfusion ​
  • Full set of Vital Signs
  • Consider ETCO2 waveform!
  • Auscultate lung sounds​
  • Signs and Symptoms of Bronchoconstriction:​
    • ​Wheezing​
    • Dyspnea​
    • Coughing ​
    • Chest tightness/pain​
    • Anxiety (sensation caused by Hypoxia)

Potential Benefits​

Salbutamol can do the following for patients experiencing bronchoconstriction:​

  • Decrease shortness of breath​
  • Decrease respiratory rate​
  • Decrease patient anxiety​
  • Increase SpO2​
  • Improve work of breathing ​


Now that we’ve reviewed when to consider Salbutamol for bronchoconstriction and its potential benefits, stay tuned for another #SWORBHPtips post on treatment pearls for bronchoconstriction!



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