Date Published

February 11, 2020

Updated For

ALS PCS Version


Here is a tip and story to help you remember AV blocks (continuation). The P-R interval gets progressively longer until a QRS is dropped. You decided to marry the guy who is always late so he decides he's going to test his boundaries when he goes out with his buddies. He says he will be back at 1200 and the first night he is, the next night he goes out he comes back later - 1 am, the next night is later - 2 am, then the next night he's so late you lock him out of the house! HE IS PROGRESSIVELY LATE and GETS LOCKED OUT.

But there is something about him you like and you forgive him and the cycle continues - late, late, late, locked out for the night!

Remember Wencke always comes bach!


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