Date Published

January 4, 2021

Updated For

ALS PCS Version 5.2


Please remember to be safe and not be fooled by the “Happy Hypoxics”. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic holds many mysteries. Among the more baffling has been the frequency of silent hypoxemia, or “Happy Hypoxia”. Wherein a patient with COVID-19 has a decreased Sp02 but doesn't "look like their Sp02" clinically.

Paramedics should not rely only on the patient's apparent wellbeing; but continue to closely monitor and treat patients based on their respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and clinical signs of deterioration. This includes ensuring you are masking, gowning, washing cleaning and staying safe with all your PPE in your interactions with these patients.

Paramedics are the frontline in this fight and our communities need us all to stay healthy


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