Date Published

May 11, 2020

Updated For

ALS PCS Version 5.2


In regards to advanced airway management in cardiac arrest, the latest version (May 8, 2020) of the Considerations for Paramedics Managing Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic (here) states paramedics should consider in all cases:

  1. Inserting an advanced airway as soon as feasible.
  2. Using either SGA (if available and authorized) or oral ETT as options for advanced airways.
  3. When an SGA is used, the gastric/suction port should be occluded prior to insertion.
  4. Using the advanced airway technique with which the paramedic is most comfortable.
  5. Withholding chest compressions during the advanced airway insertion

SWORBHP medical council continues to endorse the SGA as the preferred advanced airway method during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the ASK MAC question and answer from April 8th 2020 for detailed rationale behind this recommendation.


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