Date Published

February 7, 2020

Updated For

ALS PCS Version 5.2


Having trouble with artifact during your 12 lead acquisitions?

In 2014 a new electrode placement method was developed by the late Dr. Khan, from the Ottawa Hospital, to help reduce artifact from limb lead placement, and improve ECG interpretation. This is an alternative to our traditional approach. The NEP (new electrode placement) Method was tested in an outpatient setting. This method was found to significantly reduce artifact while still preserving the normal amplitude of your standard 12 lead (which led to misinterpretation of right-sided leads if limb leads were placed on the mid-torso). This novel method, although not formally tested in prehospital, or emergency department populations, may help determine rhythms and screen for ischemia in cases where artifact from limb movement skews interpretation.

References Khan GM.A new electrode placement method for obtaining 12-lead ECGs.Open Heart 2015;2:e000226. doi: 10.1136/openhrt-2014-000226


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