Date Published

February 11, 2020

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS 5.2


Many of us have heard varying terms for measuring the weight of street drugs. Its all about how our patients describe what they've consumed. The following is a list of the key terms often used and heard on the street.

Measure: Point Refers to meth. Meth can be sold as little as 1/10th of one gram at a time which is the equivalent of one point. Therefore, one gram would equal 10 points. This is similar to Heroin which is also sold by point.

Measure: 20 piece OR 40 piece Refers to crack. Many users are unable to afford to purchase crack by the gram. Instead they purchase a 20 piece or 40 piece which is equivalent to 0.2g or 0.4g at a usual cost of $20 or $40.

Measure: Gram Most street drugs are purchased by gram (measured weight) or less. So for example, a person may buy a gram (1g) of crack or cocaine.

Measure: Half Ball Describes approximately 1.7g of a hard drug such as crack or cocaine. The term half ball is refers to the actual weight of an 8 ball.


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