• Can you do chest thrusts on someone who is unresponsive with a DNR?

    Published On: September 13, 2023
  • Question: Can an obstruction of the esophagus cause an obstruction of the airway?

    Published On: December 3, 2014
  • Question: When dealing with a VSA FB obstruction, directives are to analyze once, load and go, revert to medical cardiac arrest if airway clears. Knowing the concern is no air to the patient due to the obstruction, would it not be advantageous to include airway blockage due to anaphylaxis as a one analysis directive and when or if the epi allows for the delivery of air, revert to a medical cardiac arrest? The airway is blocked either way.

    Published On: February 1, 2013
  • Question: This question is to clarify a point in the FBAO cardiac arrest protocol. If the airway obstruction is resolved after a first analysis, it is stated that the patient can then be treated per the medical cardiac arrest directive (presumably receiving three more analyses for a total of four). My question is regarding what to do if transport is in progress when the obstruction is removed- is transport continued with CPR only (as it is not a new arrest or a re-arrest after ROSC) or can the vehicle be stopped until the protocol is complete?

    Published On: November 22, 2012
  • Question: Two questions which seem simple but as an educator I get asked all the time. 1.) FBAO VSA patient, you are unable to clear the airway, should we follow the BLS that indicates an oral airway should be inserted? 2.) Unwitnessed VSA, do we need to do a full two minutes of CPR or just CPR until we get the pads on.

    Published On: October 30, 2012
  • Question: This question is a follow-up to clarify between two questions previously asked- specifically, regarding advanced resuscitation in the setting of DNR, and treatment of FBAO in the setting of DNR. In the most recent question the DNR validity form is quoted as stating that chest compressions should not be initiated on patients with a valid DNR, while in the earlier question it was stated that DNR does not preclude treatment for choking. Should we come across this situation, would we then only administer ‘Heimlich’-like abdominal thrusts and not proceed to chest compressions when the patient goes unresponsive, or should chest compressions be initiated until the heart has arrested and then discontinued (i.e. not proceeding to true CPR)?

    Published On: March 28, 2012