• If a patient is VSA due to a trauma related mechanism, do you still trauma bypass to a LTH (lead trauma hospital).

    Published On: January 9, 2024
  • Question: with regards to the Trauma Cardiac Arrest Medical Directive, do you support the placement of a pelvic binder on the patient assuming severe blunt trauma? I understand that under the Blunt/Penetrating Injury Standard in the BLS it is stated: “if the patient has a pelvic fracture, attempt to stabilize the clinically unstable pelvis with a circumferential sheet wrap or a commercial device”. Furthering this thought, the Intravenous and Fluid Therapy Medical Directive found within the ALS PCS now states: “An intravenous fluid bolus may be considered for a patient who does not meet trauma TOR criteria, where it does not delay transport and should not be prioritized over management of other reversible causes.” Thinking about this all together has me wondering that if a patient who is VSA secondary to severe trauma is eligible to receive an IV bolus to presumably treat hypovolemic shock, would the use of a pelvic binder be supported in the same way? If so, when would be the recommendation to apply a pelvic binder when treating under the Trauma Cardiac Arrest Medical Directive? Thank you.

    Published On: April 27, 2021