Paramedics who do not meet the 10 patient contacts by January 31st of the current certification year will be deactivated on February 1st. To ensure Paramedics are aware of their status, SWORBHP will proactively touch base with paramedics and their leaders via email in July who have not yet obtained 5 patient contacts. An additional touch base email will be sent in December to paramedics who have not yet obtained 10 patient contacts. The purpose of the touch base emails is to inform the paramedic of their current status and to support the paramedic to develop a pro-active plan to ensure the Paramedic is able to meet the Certification Standard. SWORBHP’s plan is to proactively ensure that all paramedics practicing within the SWORBHP region and their Paramedic Service Leaders are aware of their current status and develop a pro-active plan to ensure paramedics are that they are able to meet the requirements and avoid to avoid potential deactivation.