Date Published

June 20, 2022

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


When administering a fluid bolus to a cardiogenic shock patient, what is our targeted systolic blood pressure? Is it similar to that of a ROSC to target 90 mmHg, or reversing hypotension and targeting 100 mmHg?


When utilizing the Cardiogenic Shock Medical Directive, you can stop the IV fluid bolus when the patient has become normotensive (BP ‰¥ 100mmHg), after a minimum volume of 100 ml in pediatrics and 250 ml in adults (per the OBHG Companion Document).

For the ACP scope, titrate dopamine to achieve SBP ‰¥90 to <110mmHg. If discontinuing dopamine electively, do so gradually over 5-10 minutes.



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