Date Published

May 18, 2017

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: Can calcium gluconate be given through a CVAD? The patients requiring it (usually dialysis patients) often have difficult IV access, unstable veins and some sort of CVAD in place. If access of the CVAD for administration of fluids and cardiac arrest meds has already been performed, are we still required to start an IO for the calcium gluconate or can it be requested of the BHP to administer through the CVAD with proper flushing before and after?


Within the Hyperkalemia medical directive in the ALS PCS v. 4.0.1, calcium gluconate may be given via CVAD, as long as it is running well. Remember that calcium gluconate should be given over several minutes in these cases. Until the ALS PCS in-force date of July 11, 2017 and as you have identified, please patch to the BHP to receive orders to administer via the CVAD prior to administration.



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