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March 30, 2021

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


My question is can you TOR an opioid overdose cardiac arrest. The question came up recently and it seemed a simple yes because opioid overdose cardiac arrests are to be run as a standard medical arrest. However, some people have referenced the "very early transport after one analysis... for medication overdose/ toxicology." This is further confused by the 1-Mar-2012 Ask MAC submission where it was stated you could not obtain a TOR on an OD (but did not specify what type of OD). I am hoping you can provide some clarification on obtaining a TOR during an opioid overdose VSA.


Regarding timing of transport in opiate OD, the question came across with our last round of Ask MAC questions, Mar 4, 2021.  The short answer is that opiate overdose does not fall into the consider very early transport after the first analysis contained within the Clinical Considerations.  This is reserved for other toxicologic overdose whereby specific antidotes or other treatments may be available in the ED.

Regarding calling for a TOR in opiate overdose cardiac arrest:  Since there are no further specific treatments aside from standard cardiac arrest treatment (make sure to check out the above Ask MAC reference for an update), these patients can be considered for a TOR, should the criteria be met.



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