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August 5, 2021

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


In regards to an IV that you have established are other medical professionals allowed to use it to give drugs on way to hospital? Back story, picked up a female patient who had just given birth with significant post partum hemorrhage. Midwife onscene was unable to establish a line but you subsequently start one. Midwife wants to push oxytocin through the IV that you have established is this OK?


In the situation you describe, it is acceptable for the midwife to provide oxytocin through the IV paramedics have obtained (as long as she continues to accompany and provide care to the patient).

The SWORBHP Policy, Interacting with a Healthcare Provider on a Call, helps us answer this question:

Section 3: Where a healthcare provider is rendering care beyond the scope of the transporting paramedics, the healthcare provider may continue care with the assistance of the transporting Paramedics; however the Paramedics may only treat a patient within their authorized level of certification using medical directives approved by the Regional Base Hospital Program (RBHP). Under no circumstances are Paramedics to treat a patient outside their medical directives or provide care ordered by the on-scene physician or other healthcare provider

Subsection 5: If the patient requires ongoing care during transport, which was initiated by the healthcare provider, and falls outside the scope of practice of that Paramedic, a healthcare provider capable of providing that level of care should accompany the patient.



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