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May 18, 2012

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Question: At a meeting with Dr. Lewell in the past, he stated that there is no time set for the administration of medication. Some medics are directed by their services to deliver the medication within 5 minutes and yet the Base Hospital directive asks to have the monitor on in 5 minutes. Medication cannot be delivered without the monitor being applied, so is it correct to say that the time limit is not 5 minutes, but ASAP after the monitor is applied?


 Interesting question. We are not sure where the 5min to medication came from. Certainly it is not in the directive. Given the myriad of permutations to any cardiac arrest- immediately shockable or not, IV access readily available or not, IO access required to be established, advanced airways€¦.it would be difficult to mandate that medications need to be delivered by 5min across the board.

Certainly the Medical Directors and education staff have been consistent with our past teachings that the priorities during a cardiac arrest are effective CPR with maximum "on the chest" fraction and rapid delivery of defibrillation where indicated. Medications should be administered as soon as possible once access is established, however the SWORBHP Medical Council does not insist upon a 5min time line.



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