Date Published

March 21, 2024

Updated For

ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


I need some clarification on the updates to the trauma arrest algorithm. With a patient with penetrating trauma in asystole with LTH less than 30 minutes are we to transport to the lead trauma hospital as we do with PEA? Also, if the lead trauma hospital is greater than 30 minutes, I am assuming we transport to the closest ED with both asystole and PEA with penetrating trauma.


Here are some clarifications for traumatic arrests:

With LTH <30 minutes away and penetrating trauma to the torso, head or neck, regardless of the underlying rhythm, the patient should be transported to the LTH.

With closest hospital <30 minutes away and PEA with traumatic mechanism, you transport to the closest ED (unless the injury is penetrating to torso, head or neck, in which case you transport to LTH). With the closest hospital >30 minutes away, consider whether a Trauma TOR is applicable or contraindicated.

With the closest hospital > 30 minutes away and Trauma TOR not granted, or not applicable, you transport to closest ED.



Closest ED, FTTS, LTH, Penetrating Trauma, TOR, Trauma, VSA

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