• If my asthmatic patient has an anaphylactic reaction do they also get dexamethasone? 

    Published On: December 5, 2023
  • If a patient has self-administered benadryl prior to our arrival, should a paramedic re-dose under the Allergic Reaction Medical Directive? There appears to be no contraindication for this in the directive. As well, the direction per the Medical Directive in the OBHG Companion Document is, diphenhydrAMINE administration should always follow the administration of EPINEPHrine as outlined in the Medical Directive. However, I have heard from my more senior colleages that we should not re-dose the benadryl, like we can the epineprhine. Can you please clarify?

    Published On: October 12, 2023
  • When working as a first response while covid vaccines are being administered in LTC facilities, are all severe reactions to be considered under the anaphylaxis protocol and be given epi and benadryl as per our current protocol?

    Published On: April 6, 2021