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September 4, 2012

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ALS PCS Version ALS PCS Version 5.2


Question: I just have a quick question regarding IV Monitoring. Are PCP's allowed to transport a patient without an escort who has an IV running lactated ringers? This question came up the other day at work and everyone seems to have a different answer. I just wanted to clear this up with you so I know the correct answer!


 Great question. You have identified one of the missing links in the BLS Patient Care Standards (BLS-PCS). Given the IV certification of many PCP, the Intravenous Line Maintenance Standard for PCP requires updating.

The current version can be found in Section 1 page 41 here:

You will note that the type of fluid is not specified (although saline, heparin locks, thiamine and potassium chloride are all mentioned as acceptable). Ringer's lactate is not mentioned by name.

Out of a similar question from a PCP student over a year ago, multiple updates to the BLS Intravenous Line Maintenance Standard were brought to the Ministry of Health Emergency Health Services Branch (MOH-EHS) by the Southwest Base Hospital including the need to specify types of fluids that are acceptable. These edits (like many others to the BLS-PCS) are awaiting release in a new BLS manual expected in the coming year.

Bottom line to answer your question, isotonic crystalloid infusions such as normal saline and Ringers Lactate are acceptable for a PCP to maintain at a TKVO rate as per the current BLS Standard up to a maximum infusion rate of 200ml/h in an adult patient.



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